Best of Both Worlds

You can have it all.

So you want to earn a degree that isn't offered at Union College. No problem! You can still live on our campus and take advantage of our social and spiritual community while earning a degree at another college in the area, working on an online degree in a field we don't offer, or supplementing Union's program with classes from Southeast Community College or University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Why Best of Both Worlds?

Union College offers a small community where you'll be surrounded by positive influences and people who care more about who you become than what you become. Even if we don't have the major or all the classes you need to reach your career goals, why not enjoy our great community and small residence halls even while taking your classwork at a nearby large university?

Four great options that give you the Best of Both Worlds.

Live at Union while pursuing associate degrees in applied sciences and certificates in vocational programs granted by Southeast Community College.

Live at Union while pursuing baccalaureate-degree majors not offered by Union College but available through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln or through an approved online program. 

Earn a Union College degree with supplementary courses at other local schools.

Reside at Union College while pursuing graduate or professional degrees granted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

How do I learn more?

To learn more about taking advantage of the Best of Both Worlds program, contact our Enrollment Office.

Phone: 402.486.2504