Best of Both Worlds checklist

Best of Both Worlds is offered by Union College to give students the experience of residential life at a Christian college even when their major is only available elsewhere. Learn more about the program here

Because you will be splitting your time between two different schools, you may feel like you're trying to juggle two sets of rules and processes. Don't worry; we're here to help. Follow this simple checklist to ensure you have the Union College side of the equation figured out. Just make sure you have everything completed by the last day to drop or add a class on Union's academic calendar. For fall 2023, that's August 29. 


Fill out your application for admission to Union College.

  • Under "Educational Information," where the form asks for "Intended major or field of study," simply select "Best of Both Worlds."
  • After receiving and evaluating your application, your acceptance will be communicated to you by the office of the Vice President for Academic Administration. 
  • To ensure you get timely information, you will be added to the mail and email list with other accepted students. It is important for you to stay on track with deadlines and communicate with the university. However, not all of the information you receive will apply to your specific situation as a Best of Both Worlds student.
  • If you will be taking all of your classes at another college, make sure you submit an application to that school in addition to your Union College application. (See step four.)
  • You must also fill out the Best of Both Worlds application.


Pay your $100 confirmation deposit.

  • Just like any other student, a confirmation deposit is required to ensure you are serious and committed.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, but will be applied to your housing costs once you arrive. 


Connect with your academic advisor

  • Your advisor will contact you using the information provided in your application. 
  • Union's academic advisors are also certified life coaches who will help guide you through your first year at Union College.
  • Your advisor will help walk you through your options of how to best combine your Union College experience with your classes taken elsewhere.


Register at the collaborating institution.


Complete all steps required in Union's registration guide.

You will gain access to the Student Portal after your confirmation deposit is paid. Use it to access the registration guide. Other than the official college photo, you should be able to complete the steps online at any time. All steps must be completed by August 29 for the fall semester of 2023.

While many steps have been eliminated for Best of Both Worlds students, the following things are still important for you to finish in order to fully participate in Union's campus community: 

  1. Campus Ministries clearance
  2. Emergency alert information
  3. Phone information
  4. Address update
  5. FERPA share access (this allows you parents or other specified individual access to see your bill)
  6. Medical insurance clearance
  7. Housing form
  8. Vehicle registration
  9. Official college photo
  10. Financial documents and payment plan (You may not be paying tuition, but you still need a plan for room rent and food.)
  11. Make any required payments to ensure your account is current. 


Move in!

We highly recommend you join us on campus in time for uConnect, our orientation for new students. It's happening Aug. 16-18, 2023, and it's an important time to learn about the resources available on campus as well as meet your new friends.

Other areas school start at different times. We understand if you opt to join us a bit later; just make sure you arrive in time to complete registration and orientation at the other school and have time to settle in before classes begin. 

Please coordinate your move in date with the dean in your residence hall before hand to ensure everything is ready for your arrival, and be sure to tell them you are a Best of Both Worlds student. Find more information about our student housing here