CORDmagazine Summer 2006

In this issue …


Research: It’s still the thoughts that count (by Jim McClelland, introduction by Jacque L. Smith, p. 4)

Rediscovering the ivory-billed woodpecker (by Jacque L. Smith, p. 5)
Nursing achieves perfect report (p. 5)
Union professor receives business award (p. 6)
Union honored as community partner (by Becky Dewey, p. 6)
Farewell to Laura Poblete (p. 6)
Student housing nears completion (p. 7)
Union welcomes 149 new alumni (by Jacque L. Smith, p. 7)
Fitts named Teacher of the Year (by Becky Dewey, p. 7)
Reconstructing Spring Break (by Tony Pacini, p. 8)
Walking for the children: Union participates in Global Night Commute (by Becky Dewey, p. 9)
Lifestyle Center celebrates 25 years (by Becky Dewey, p. 9)
PA program achieves exam success (p. 9)
George Stone Elementary School: teaching teachers and students for 30 years (by Kate Simmons, p. 10)
Union introduces Rock Pile alumni community (p. 10)
Homecoming 2006 highlights (p. 11)
100 years of Golden Cords (by Scott Cushman, p. 11)

Campus Memories (compiled by Becky Dewey, p. 12-13)
Banking on the future (by Cheryl Huff Kennison ’02, p. 14-17)
Hidden gems: shining a light on Union’s research and contributions (by Laura Poblete ’03, p. 18-28)
Finding allergy answers: pediatrician follows path of research to Harvard Medical School (by Lauren Bongard Schwarz ’03, p. 29-30)
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CORD for Kids (p. 7)
Class-ifieds (31-32)
People Placements (32)
In Memory (33-34)