CORDmagazine Winter 2007/08

In this issue ...

Phonathon inspires me (by Cori Piel '11 Freshman education major, 4-5)

Enrollment milestone reached fall semester (by Jacque Smith, 5)
Parents Weekend 2007: celebrating family for the 15th year (by Jimmy Phillips, 6)
Fall Phonathon exceeds goals (7)
Class gift 'swinging' again (7)
Union's leaders influence Adventist higher education (by Jacque Smith, 8)
U.S. news awards Union 'Top College' designation (by Scott Cushman, 8)
Do you read Around-the-Clock? (by Scott Cushman, 8)
Campus Notables (8)
So Long, Charlie Bown: Union replaces venerable administrative tool (by Scott Cushman, 9-10)
From punch cards to PowerCampus (by Todd Richardson, 9)
What's a "Moodle"? (by Scott Cushman, 10)
Merged majors offers choices (by Todd Richardson, 11)
Connecting you to Union (by Todd Richardson, 11)
Digital Immigrants: Recent graduates embrace classroom technology (by Lauren Bongard Schwartz, 12-13)
Technology for teachers in training (by Scott Cushman, 13)
McConnell Entertainment: Providing the Hookup (by Jimmy Phillips, 23)
The Eye of a Storyteller (by Esther Shields, 26-27)
IRR introduces technology options for global challenges (by Hannah Adams, 33)

A Career of Firsts (by Melodie Mayberry-Stewart '70, 14-17)
Advancing a Heritage of Service (by Rob Koch '80 and D.J. Koch Nash '77, 18-21)
From Education to Editing (by Chris Tumble '94, 24-25)

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Class-ifieds (28-30)
People Placements (30)
In Memory (31-33)