Photo of students in a Bible study.

Religion Program

Empowering students to serve as Christian disciples, Christian leaders, and Christian professionals sharing the Gospel in preparation for Jesus Christ’s return.

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Photo of nursing students high fiving on their way to class.

About the Nursing Program

Training students from diverse communities to be competent professionals and caring generalists in the profession of nursing, the program reflects a commitment to Christian values, professional standards, holistic care, and service as modeled by Jesus Christ.

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Photo of a PA student putting on her white coat.

Physician Assistant Program

Preparing excellent PAs who transform lives through quality healthcare and Christian service.

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Photo of Unionaires singing at the state capitol

Fine Arts

Helping each student grow artistically, intellectually, and spiritually through a comprehensive program based on Christian principles of service and education.

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Photo of students looking at current events with a professor.

Business Administration Program

Preparing professionals for Christian service in the business world by providing a quality, student-oriented education that emphasizes ethics and balances practice and theory.

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