Scholarship and award honorees

These scholarships have been established by generous supporters of Union College to increase access to education and honor high-achieving students. The students listed below received the funds as part of their total guaranteed merit award. The list is continually updated but may not always be complete.

Students do not apply directly for these awards, but are selected to recognize their achievements. Students who wish to learn about how scholarships finance their education should instead see the financial information page. Donor awards may be used for tuition fees, room and board.

Thank you to all of those who contribute to both these named scholarships and to general scholarships through gifts to Union College. Union's students are forever grateful for your continued support. 


(MFHE) The Midwest Foundation for Higher Education provides scholarship support for the exclusive benefit of Union College students.

The Council of Independent Nebraska Colleges Foundation provides scholarship funds for a consortium of private colleges in Nebraska.

  • 2022-2023
  • 2021-2022