Scott Cushman

Director of Digital Communication

Integrated Marketing Communications
CB 103

My job is managing, supporting and improving Union's online presence while assisting with other public relations and marketing initiatives for the college, including photography, writing, editing and design. While no two days are alike for a creative professional, I spend much of my time moving between laying out web pages, tweaking CSS files, retouching images in Photoshop, helping student writers with articles, and brainstorming ways to promote Union College with my colleagues.

I've worked at Union since 2006, and prior to that I taught English for language learners at Southeast Community College (Lincoln, Nebraska), English Language Center (Kyiv, Ukraine), and School by the Sea (Kolobrzeg, Poland). I graduated from Union in 2003 with majors in English, history and social science, and have also taken a number of graduate-level courses at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in creative writing, composition, literature and 19th century history.

When I'm not in the office, you might find me photographing a sporting event or in a portrait photo shoot, cooking (but rarely baking), taking long walks while listening to even longer audiobooks, and occasionally volunteering with the Nebraska Sports Council, Nebraska Community Blood Bank or the Lincoln SDA Credit Union.