Transfer Student FAQ

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I am a transfer student?

Am I considered a transfer student if I previously attended Union College and would like to re-enroll?

When should I apply for admission?

Where should I mail my transcript for evaluation?

I am/was a member of the military. How do I get my transcript?

Who do I contact with questions about transferring?

How many credit hours can I transfer to Union College?

How does Union College determine which courses will transfer?

How do I know if my school is regionally accredited?

Will my cumulative GPA transfer with me?

I received notification from the Records Office about transfer work. How do I find out what transferred?

How do I find out what transfer credits will apply toward my degree?

I have already completed a bachelor’s degree at another regionally accredited institution. Do I still have to complete general education at Union College?

I am transferring from a non-Seventh-day Adventist institution. Will I need to take religion courses?

Appeals: what if I feel a course should have transferred differently?

One of my courses was transferred with XX in the course code. What does this mean?

I am transferring from a quarter school. How do my credits transfer to the semester system?

I have taken CLEP and/or AP tests. Will these transfer?

I am an international student. Will my credits transfer?

I am trying to register for classes, but it indicates I am missing the pre-requisite. I believe I took this course at my previous institution.